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Priceline Head Office

Phone: (03) 8720 3000
Fax: (03) 8720 3400
Phone: 1300 88 44 11 Customer Service Centre


885 Mountain Hwy
Bayswater VIC 3153


Priceline was established in 1982. Our first store opened at Highpoint in Victoria. The organisation has progressively grown to have representation in every state and territory in Australia.

Priceline’s format of mid-priced cosmetics, skincare, haircare, health and home products has gained firm acceptance from the Australian market. 
Priceline’s support and distribution centres are based in Melbourne. Stores around Australia are divided into four operational regions:

• Queensland & Northern Territory
• New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
• Victoria & Tasmania
• Western Australia & South Australia

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» Victoria (VIC)
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unskilled Junior staff ...... By: Stuart(122.149.118.*), 2014/02/19 15:03
In regards to my experience at Priceline St leonards:
The whole shop is run but Stupid Juniors who dont know much about anything. when II wanted some advice the girl ( her name was Phillipa)just looked at me with a blank stare !!! , She scurried off to the pharmacist , obviously she was just too busy to help me out,It was a question regarding vitamins and compatibility obviously she has NO training in this. They did have a really good Naturopathic lady there around christmas time that I previously spoke to and she was very helpful indeed (Elaine, I believe) but I understand that she had left. They should seriously think about who they employ . The service was appalling .

complaint ...... By: Visitor(101.170.127.*), 2014/02/15 10:20
i am outraged over a young male pharmacist at priceline hurstville central on friday 14 of feb at around 6hirty specialist faxetd ohover my hard copy prescription to them in which this pharmacist did not excelpt it ive been doing this for 5years with no problem that wasnt the big problem he was very rude to me and told me if i dont like it i can leave the i tried to explain to him im in pain and really need my meds ...he did not care snd did not wana heat what i had to say he was very rude disrespectful and also told me why am i seing a doctor far away from me and not in my area with such a rude tone not that it was any if his business doctor is so anoyed and angry with him he is gana tell all his patients to avoid priceline pharmacys

Priceline Hinchinbrook's insensitive chemist ...... By: Visitor( Australia Sans Souci), 2013/11/23 09:26
I was there today getting some antibiotics for my son when he became upset and started throwing tantrum. The chemist looked at me and said:"He sounds like a sensible kid" and afterwards he said something under his breath and when I asked him to repeat what he was saying he replied by saying "I was just talking to him"(looking at my son).

To me, that is just insensitive and ignorant. I have never had a good experience there, the staff is always just talking amongest themselves rather that helping customers. The only reason I go there is because is right next to the doctors. I will go right out of my way with two kids to support another chemist now. no worries!!

Complaint ...... By: Lynn Turnbull( Australia ), 2013/09/01 08:19
I wish to lodge a complaint against Priceline Pharmacy in Hurstville Station. A few weeks ago I went to get my daughter's Diabex and Duac prescriptions and was told that she did not have any scripts. I called my daughter who informed me she had left six months supply with the pharmacy. This was at around 5.30 pm on Saturday. The pharmacist informed me that he did not have any scripts left and that the notes in the computer confirmed this assumption. I asked him to look again and I expressed deep concern that my daughter could suffer a fit or collapse if her insulin levels dropped. He coldly suggested that if my daughter were to collapse as a result of her not getting Diabex, that I should take her to the hospital. At no point did he check the physical files.
I went back home and spoke to my daughter who said she had most definitely given written prescriptions. I returned with my husband to the pharmacist who read out what was on the computer in front of other customers which was -" not to give my daughter any Diabex or Duac under any circumstances".
My daughter had been late with some scripts due to working and studying and helping to look after family members who have cancer and dementia. She DID however have six months worth of scripts. The pharmacist was reading an old massage left in the computer which had not been duly deleted from the system. In other words, my daughter's records were not kept up to date.
But what is much more worrying is that this young pharmacist did not take the time or have the forethought to look in the draw and check for written prescriptions. It took me, the customer, to tell him to go look in the draw where he eventually found six or more months worth of scripts.
He accused me of not telling him to look in the draw when I informed him, and as a customer not trained in pharmacy practice this is not my job to do so, but his. This last remark is a real worry to customers as it means the pharmacist was not following procedures correctly by double checking and looking in the draw. He made a dreadful mistake which may have cost my daughter her health or others, worse, their lives. I also wasted a lot of my own valuable time trying to sort the matter out.
I have been a loyal customer for the last ten years using this Priceline Pharmacy. I am a high school teacher who has lived and worked in Hurstville, Sydney for over ten years. I have always had very good service from Priceline and over the years got to know most of the staff. I have been a valued customer and get my mother's and daughter's prescriptions from you as well as buying presents for teachers at school. I have spent a vast amount of money (thousands $$$ every year)in the store.
I would like a written apology from Priceline and would ask that customer service procedures be strongly reviewed so that other customers DO NOT experience what I went through at the Hurstville store.

Lynn C Turnbull
Phone: 0434 928 214

SAVVY liquid eyeliner ...... By: Sandra Pearson(123.211.2.*), 2013/08/10 06:46
I was very happy with this eyeliner and recently bought another one. First time I used it, the brush fell. I returned it and got a replacement which I opended in the shop. It seemed OK but nevertheless when I got home and used it, same thing - brush fell out. Back again and this time replaced with a different colour, figuring it might be a different batch. Then, when I actually got to use it found it - it was awful! Couldn't understand why - same brand, same product. Then I checked the manufacturing details to find that the old one was made in Germany and the new crappy one in China. Won't be buying that again. I would have paid twice as much for the German one, if I could have got it.

Poor treatment of staff - Lisa ...... By: Katherine whiteley(110.142.6.*), 2013/07/05 17:01
I have just finished watching Lisa on A Current Affair and your total disregard for her, This loyal employee of 10 years goes through a battle with cancer, which is bad enough, then to be terminated by you bastards Priceline.

Well i have shopped with your stores many times up until now. I am not going to shop in your stores ever again, not one cent.

I am outraged at your unprofessional treatment of this poor girl. shame on you.

Katherine Whiteley

Not Impressed ...... By: Zach Brady( United States ), 2013/03/29 03:52
After making arrangements for sharps disposal with the manager of your Diamond Creek store I was shocked to hear what the site owner had to say, let's go back a step first and get the full story.

My mother and I palliated my father at home for 9 months after his diagnosis with terminal lung cancer I made arrangements with the manager of diamond creek to collect new sharps disposal bins and was assured they could be dropped off and disposed of at the same store ( Gordon Wong ) site owner approved this with the manager ( Melinda )
My father passed away in Jan this year and I was shocked when I took the sharps bin back to be disposed of to be told by ( Kenny Wong ) I DON'T HANDLE SHARPS BINS BECAUSE I DON'T WANT A NEEDLE STICK INJURY. Please you goose needle stick injuries occur prior to the sharps being placed in the disposal unit not after and the risk of needle stick injury is 0% after they are disposed of.
I would encourage anyone and everyone to BLACK BAN AND REFUSE to patron this store as they have no respect for anyone or anything other than MONEY.

Priceline $5 Gift voucher ...... By: Brigitte( Australia Dobroyd Point), 2012/01/11 11:31
Hi, I am not impressed!!! This is the second time that I have tried to redeem the $5 gift voucher. They told me that I needed to get another voucher to redeem the $5. I am a regular customer of priceline and was not impressed by the rather abrupt service at the counter.
I am not happy and the redemption of these voucher should be made simple! My member number is: 2701 0188 6181 9

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